Our research institutes lead clearly focused research to meet ambitious targets, to double our research income and significantly enhance our impact. We’ve seen research income rise by 40% over the last four years.

For REF 2021 we submitted 500 staff, 1106 outputs, 45 impact case studies and environment statements for our 14 Units of Assessment. This represents 32% of all academic staff and a doubling of the number we submitted to REF 2014. 47% of our submitted staff were female, up from 41% in 2014, and we have raised the quality and demonstration of the impact of our research portfolio.

Our excellent REF 2021 outcomes, uplifts in recurrent government funding this year, and Hallam’s own commitment to investing funds means we are now in a position to support growth and innovation in research and innovation. The next stage of our research and innovation strategy is now being developed to provide an approach which will ensure sustainable growth, the ability to absorb increased funding, and better alignment between our research and taught portfolios.