Lead a university making a real impact through the application of knowledge

Sheffield Hallam is an ambitious university.

We aspire to be a genuinely great university creating opportunity, leading social, economic and cultural change in our region, and establishing a model of what imaginative and forward-thinking universities can achieve.

In 2017 Hallam set its mission to become a world leading applied university. We are a university that transforms the lives of students through excellent teaching and research, giving them the opportunity to use their knowledge and skills in successful and fulfilling careers; a university where the outcomes of research improves lives; a university committed to excellence, engaged with our community and city, looking at the world through the lens of real-life challenges rather than disciplinary boundaries. We are a model university for the twenty-first century. Our journey is not complete, but we have made striking progress. At the core of what we do is a moral commitment to transforming lives, to making a difference through excellent teaching and research. This is our story. This is Hallam.