Culture & Values

Aligned firmly to our Strategy, our values represent the beliefs, philosophies, and principles that we believe can transform lives.​​​​​​​ They provide a platform for everyone, from students and staff to colleagues and partners, to be the best they can be.

Sheffield Hallam exists to transform lives. We are a university that is ambitious for others. A place where people can be inspired to realise their potential and begin life-changing journeys. Where innovation is sparked by curiosity, and collaboration means working together to solve problems and challenge the status quo. An inclusive community that stands up for equality and speaks up for diversity. An open-minded place, where everyone can thrive and belong.

This is what makes us Sheffield Hallam University.

Materials and Engineering Research Institute use science and engineering to solve industrial problems


We nurture a supportive culture where working together is a part of everyday learning and problem-solving.

Varsity 2022 Sheffield Hallam Uni students versus Uni of Sheffield.


We believe that everyone can make an impact and our role is to encourage and inspire each individual to be the best they can be.

The workshops are part of the department of Engineering and Maths in the college of business, technology and engineering (BTE) at Sheffield Hallam.


We encourage curious minds and creative solutions which can bring positive change in real-world settings.

Student ambassadors, staff and prospective students and their families at the Autumn open day. Featuring shots from City and Collegiate campus.


We cultivate an environment of openness, authenticity and compassion where everyone can thrive.


We speak up for equality and diversity so that every single person can feel they belong in our community.

Our vision is to enable a culture at Sheffield Hallam that is safe and inclusive, with the Hallam Values providing the foundation for everything we do. We promote staff wellbeing and diversity, working towards equity for all staff.

Embedding continuous learning across the University is key to ensuring all staff, managers and leaders have the knowledge, tools and skills to successfully fulfil their roles.

We are committed to environmentally sustainable practices in all our operations, decisions and actions as well as in our teaching and research.

We are committed to advancing equality of opportunity, experience and outcome, ensuring that students and staff realise their full potential. This is reflected through the University’s values of inclusion and supportiveness, with equality, diversity and inclusion acting as key enablers to the University Strategy.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to creating an environment that celebrates the diversity of students, staff and other stakeholders and enables everyone to achieve their full potential.

Our Equality Objectives embody the University’s ambition to create a transformational and aspirational culture of inclusion for all students and staff. We are proud of the rich diversity of our Hallam community, and value a culture where every individual can succeed and thrive.

We aspire to be a place of belonging where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, and which recognises the multiple identities people have. We are committed to creating an environment that celebrates the diversity of students, staff and other stakeholders and enables everyone to achieve their full potential. We believe that excellence will be achieved through recognising the value of every individual and empowering everyone to contribute fully and to derive maximum benefit and enjoyment from their involvement in the life of the university.

We believe that equality, diversity and inclusion is everybody’s responsibility and that the whole Hallam community is responsible for delivering a safe and respectful environment for our students and staff.

But we also recognise we have more to do. Our objectives and associated delivery plan describe the actions we are taking to address challenges including the Gender Pay Gap, our BAME Degree Awarding and Attainment Gap, and, like many universities, the challenges of hate crime, harassment and sexual misconduct.

The Equality Objectives 2021-2024

Cultural Competence

Empower students and staff with the skills to respect different cultures and to study, work and lead inclusively.

Equality of Access, Outcome and Experience

Improve equality of access, outcome and experience for students and staff so that all can succeed and thrive.


Support all students and staff to bring their whole selves to study or work so that everyone knows they belong.


Be a leader in inclusive practice, collaborating with individuals, stakeholders and society.


Provide an environment where all students and staff feel confident in raising concerns and receiving a response.